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the last submission has two pictures by a woman who has obviously been abused the night before, probably while she laid either drunk or drugged: marker writings on her body, and visible bruises on her breasts. I really don't think this constitutes titillating enjoyment in line with the rest of your blog, unless you want to extend your editorial to photos of recently raped women? Please remove them, I found them both repulsive, these pictures should only portray consenting adults. Anonymous

Even though this message is months old now, I’d like to respond.

First off, you’re right. Those pictures don’t follow theme with my blog.
I’d like to correct you, however, about the marks on her body.

You see, those pictures are of my own girlfriend.
The marks you see on her breasts are from sucking on them very hard. They are hickeys, in essence.

The body writing is a shared kind of ours.
We enjoy BDSM together. She likes to be bound and gagged, and have very rough sex with me.
Often she will send me pictures of herself, with writing she wrote in the mirror, just to turn me on.

I want to assure you again, she has never been drugged, and she does not get drunk, and everything we do is with mutual understanding and full consent. She has a safe-word, and we have discussed limits and ground rules for “scenes”.

However, due to the softcore theme of this blog, I have deleted those pictures in particular to keep my photos in line with the rest of the blog.

Thank you for your concern, and if you’d like to see her blog, it is
She posts artistic photographs, nudes, hardcore porn, and self-pictures, sometimes of a BDSM nature. It is 18+ obviously.













I love the photography here.  

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Marloes Horst for Victoria’s Secret Lingerie, September 2013 (part 2) | Photoshoot

Kate Tumanova

Daria (via nicowestlicht)

THE SHARPER: Frida Gustavsson for H&M High Elegance Lookbook 2013

Megan McMinn by Ailera Stone

Marloes Horst by James Macari for Glamour Spain November 2013 | Photoshoot

This is my girlfriend.

Her tits are amazing and I couldn’t be more thankful that I get to see them any time I want, play with them for as long as I want, and do terrible terrible naughty things to her.

This has nothing to do with my blog, but it was in my inbox.
Everyone likes butts. Thanks for the submission.

This has nothing to do with my blog, but it was in my inbox.

Everyone likes butts. Thanks for the submission.

Thanks for the submission.

Mmmm, pink

Thanks for the submission.
Can I see u fucking ur wife in a sweater? Anonymous

I haven’t got a wife. I’ve got no pictures of fucking my girlfriend in a sweater, but how about I post some pics of my girlfriend wearing a sweater? That’ll do?

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